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“I am happy to say that Sabrina Nolan from VIP PR London is helping my public relations. She has been and keeps on being a positive presence with my public appearance. Sabrina got me featured in a key article that was very helpful in order to make me feature in the “Entrepreneur” magazine, and it was taken as an official source. As an influencer, who was published in “Vogue”,”Vanity Fair”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Entrepreneur”, “Forbes” and more, I can say that having a publicist as Sabrina Nolan is necessary to boost your profile and crucial for a successful career.

Simonetta Lein, an influencer, Huffington Post

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“My experience with VIP London PR has been superb. Sabrina has followed through with every deliverable on time and with great attention to detail. I’m very grateful for their work ethic as a professional actress. They are a very proactive and reputable company.”

Stacey Alyse Cohen, an actress, Saturday Night Live

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“I had the chance to work with Sabrina Nolan and I can tell that she is really good at her job. VIP PR London is growing really fast and I’m sure it will be one of the best PR Agency in London really soon. She knows what it’s good for you and how to deal with journalists! I highly recommend her!“

Jake J Meniani, an actor, Peaky Blinders 

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